Bender Clinic

During a session of Todd Bender’s Skeet Clinic held at Black Wing Shooting Center in Canton OH, student Dan Moore  of West Virginia learns the proper way to be ready for the target. Todd holds sessions like this many times during the year and recently has been doing his clinics in Canton either before or after John Haugh’s ColorMatrix

Our Hisotry

We’re just getting started… If you have anything to contribute… please contact us at and we’ll make arrangements to borrow your items to be scanned for inclusion in these pages. 1972 Rush, New York Nationals skeet Shooting Association (Ohio Champions Squad: left to right) Bob Snyder, King Heiple, Gene Miser, Charlie Parks, Sue Parks


Our goal is always to try to bring you interesting things that will capture your attention. Premier roulette diamond edition is one of these things that we love to play lately. You can find it at (National Rifle Association) Home Page - we all should join this group. Southern Ohio Skeet Shooters - homepage


Skeet Shooting Columbos Ohio… The Ohio State Skeet Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the game of skeet shooting in Ohio under the rules of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA Skeet) NOTICE: This web site is looking for ANY and ALL information regarding the history of skeet shooting in Ohio and the history

History of Skeet Shooting

For close to 20,000 members of the National Skeet Shooting Association, shattering clay targets is a way of life…exercise of the body, mind and the soul. Through winter and summer they shoot at millions of targets – breaking most of them – meet new people and travel across the U.S. It all started on the

Skeet Shooting Clip Art

Over the years a lot of people have gone through our game and a lot of photos have been taken to remember each one of them. Below is the beginning of a list of the best photos from many of the shoots you may have attended or will attend in the future. Enjoy the images

Where to Shoot

What a friendly sport… It doesn’t matter if you walk into the clubhouse of a small one field club with 20 members or the country club setting of a facility with dozens of fields, you’ll always get a friendly “Hello” and welcomed as a member of the skeet fraternity. You could be shooting with the