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Skeet Shooting Tips for Beginners

What you need to get started… Do not run and buy guns or equipment without first getting advice from several different people who can give you advise about your skeet shooting guns for beginners. In other words, visit a club and ask around about what are the best guns, to begin with, do they know

Links (National Rifle Association) Home Page – we all should join this group. Southern Ohio Skeet Shooters – homepage to Ohio’s southern group of clubs and shooters. Skeet Shooter’s Home Page – Ronald Ausman in Georgia who has a similar idea about getting Skeet recognized on the Internet. Has some good stuff about Georgia events plus some stuff

History of Skeet Shooting

For close to 20,000 members of the National Skeet Shooting Association, shattering clay targets is a way of life…exercise of the body, mind and the soul. Through winter and summer they shoot at millions of targets – breaking most of them – meet new people and travel across the U.S. It all started on the