Welllllll, the Zone shoot is over and I am sure Ralph will post the results with maybe some of his own insights and pictures for those of you who have the computer power to view those pictures. So I won’t bore you with the results, I will just bore you. I did not shoot, but was a ref. Pulled targets for two and half days. Let me tell you Sunday was hot and humid with lots of wind. There were some awfully good scores based on conditions and some awful scores based on the conditions.
I hung around Saturday evening after the shoot offs, where deep conversations were had on the future and past (good ol’ days) of skeet. Our next President of the NSSA was present at these deep conversations. I was involved in some conversation earlier in the day that included a past President and current EC members. I am confident in the future of the NSSA because of their ability to tell the future and firmly comment on things that didn’t happen. That’s right, I pointed out that the EC & NSSA were probably at fault for SOME of the lack of participation. Eight months early the OSSA & Sportsmen’s asked that the shoot be delayed one week. Why you asked? Well lets see, Hall of Fame Football Induction Ceremony, Bridgestone Golf Tournament, Carnation Festival, Baseball Tournament, which meant NO motel rooms available and if they were, the cost would be 2.5 time normal. But these fine people said it would not have mattered, HOW DO THEY KNOW!!!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot about their ability to see into the future. Yes I am being a little sarcastic, I think. If by moving it one week later we had picked up 5 more shooters wouldn’t it have been worth it?????? If it is not or was not their idea, then it won’t or wouldn’t work. Why ask for opinions or input if you aren’t really interested. The first time someone in charge steps up and admits that they may have failed the NSSA membership will be the first time. Now that’s a lot to ponder!
TWO more to go. Yes, that’s right, I have two male setter pups at home. They
almost had new homes after putting them on display Saturday night @ the Zone. Well in all three cases something called a wife put the nix on the transaction. I know Ralph has posted this info on web sights and sent out an Email, but if you or someone you know has any interest let me know. I kept two pups out of a litter of 9. They have had their dew claws removed, puppy shots and just as important are well socialized. They have been handled by Darcy and I everyday. Contact me at or call. Four pups are too many to work with. I would like to be down to two soon. Ralph has pictures posted on and here and here and above.
The State shoot is coming at the end of August. Make the trip to Fairborn and shoot a few targets and honor Bob MacDougal & Bruce Poyer. Both deserving H.O.F. members. The banquet Saturday night will be a hog roast with a nominal cost of $5.00 per eater. You will be receiving a post card with the squading info soon. Our program will follow plus handed out at the shoot.
WARNING; right now I plan on attending, how about you? Remember this is a
closed shoot (for some reason)! Only Ohio residence in good standing can attend.