You can make a difference!

Stop and think about this for a moment–
Skeet is a lifetime sport, but will it last for your lifetime?   Are you doing anything to promote the future of sport we love?  What are you doing to protect the future of our favorite shooting game?  I suspect we all could make a difference with only a little extra effort.
In reality, we are all users of the sport–but shouldn’t all be givers to the sport as well?  It doesn’t take unlimited funds or unlimited time to make a difference, but rather just a little ‘extra effort’.  What if all our 389 OSSA members gave an only an extra 1% to promote our sport?  Wouldn’t that really make a difference?
Remember you can promote the sport in 100’s of ways!  You don’t need be a AA shooter, a rich man, or a silver tongued speaker to be a promoter or ambassador of skeet.
    *You can promote the sport with a simple display of sportsmanship.
    *You can promote the sport by introducing new shooters to the sport.
    *You can promote the sport by assisting your local club as a volunteer in any capacity your skills permit.
    *You can promote the sport by serving as a volunteer referee.
    *You can promote the sport by greeting and welcoming new shooters to your club
    *You can promote the sport by encouraging and supporting your local club officials and their programs.
    *You can promote the sport by offering constructive ideas–and helping with the implementation.
    *You can promote the sport by …………………………………………………………….
Help make a difference!