When to Shoot

When should you get started…

There are two parts to skeet involving when do you get started. The first is when do you get involved in the sport to begin with. The answer is simple, anytime you’ve got a free hour or two and a nearby club is open.

You don’t need a fancy gun, lots of gear, or any real experience to get started. Skeet clubs by-and-large are very friendly places where new shooters are readily welcomed and advice freely given.

To get started you simply show up at a club near you during normal hours and ask for some help. They can direct you to the best equipment, the best sources, and the best instruction. Then it’s just up to you to find the time to get engaged in the process.

Once you’ve gotten the bug and are determined to be able to consistently break them ALL, then you enter the second stage of when to begin.

This is the time when you enter the game of competitive shooting and go to tournaments and such. Your desire to PROVE that your as good as any other shooters draws you into the friendly competition of a weekend at another club. Here you’ll get to meet other shooters, learn other techniques, and get a chance to hang out with the “big dogs” of the game.

So getting started isn’t the hard part…. the hard part is wanting to stop after you’ve begun – because YOU WON’T WANT TO !!!!

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