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Skeet Shooting Tips for Beginners

What you need to get started… Do not run and buy guns or equipment without first getting advice from several different people who can give you advise about your skeet shooting guns for beginners. In other words, visit a club and ask around about what are the best guns, to begin with, do they know

Where to Shoot

What a friendly sport… It doesn’t matter if you walk into the clubhouse of a small one field club with 20 members or the country club setting of a facility with dozens of fields, you’ll always get a friendly “Hello” and welcomed as a member of the skeet fraternity. You could be shooting with the

Why Shoot

An equal opportunity sport… The shooting sports are the most democratic of all sports. Men and women can compete head-to-head along with younger shooters and even those with disabilities. The sport requires no great strength and no great speed. Anyone with modestly good eye-hand coordination can easily learn the basics of the game and compete