World Doubles Shoot Off 2009 (Part 2)

It took into the second box of shells before it got down to just Wayne Mayes and Sam Armstrong shooting head-to-head for the Championship Title. Then Wayne misses…

Sam immediately uses a little known technique to lull Wayne into further misses but eventually ends Wayne’s torture. See if Sam makes it all the way through the congratulations without passing out.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Doubles Shoot Off 2009 (Part 1)


Over a dozen shooters qualified for the Stadium Field in the Doubles Event with some new shooters, some old shooters, some obvious shooters, some unknown shooters, and even three from England.

The battle got tough as half the field was gone by the 7th station. Did YOUR favorite shooter make it that far???

World C-of-C Skeet Shoot Off 2009 (Part 2)

The three shooters who have still not missed from part 1 now get together on the Stadium Field at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Texas and continue a shoot off with the .410 shooting Doubles at Stations 3, 4, and 5.

Robert Paxton of PAXTON ARMS in Dallas Texas caught the action and pressure of what it’s like to compete for a World Skeet Shooting Title.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World C-of-C Skeet Shoot Off 2009 (Part 1)

The Champion-of-Champions shoot off at the World Skeet Shooting Championships comes after all competitors shoot a round each with the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge, the 28 gauge, and the .410 bore. That gives the shooter a score out of 100 targets and those who haven’t missed move on to a round of Doubles (at Stations 3, 4, and 5) with the .410 to weed the field down to the few that will shoot off on

Wayne Mayes Skeet Clinic – Station 6

Wayne finishes up his videos of his Skeet Clinic in Canton OH last summer with a quick explanation on how to shoot Station 6. High 6 is a shot where you get to check your lead and low 6 is a swing and stick-it shot much like High 2 is.

Be a part of the select group of shooters who have learned from Wayne by joining his Doubles Skeet Clinic in Canton OH on Friday June 26, 2009 at Sportsmen’s

Wayne Mayes Skeet Clinic – High 4

Wayne continues the clinic series with an explanation of how to shoot High 4. Leads on High 4 are the same as the leads on High 5 and the leads on Low 4 are the same as the leads on Low 3. Therefore, Wayne starts the clinic’s assault on High 4 by starting to see the lead from Station 5.

Wayne’s ability to take apart each shot on the field and to show shooters how to use leads and techniques

World Skeet Shoot “Faces” 2008

Last but not least, the final video of the 2008 World Skeet Shooting Championships is a collection of faces and outakes from around the shoot. Enjoy the ladies-in-pink, Brian Foley and Peter Usher’s awards, along with the boys from Detroit.

See if you can find yourself or any of your friends in the crowd shots. If you haven’t attended a World Shoot yet, then by all means put the 2009

World .410 Bore Skeet Shoot Off 2008

The .410 Championship Shoot Off began with only 10 shooters making it to the Stadium Field. Among them were the Ladies .410 Champion, college sophomore Talia Borg from Lindenwood University, along with the inevitable Wayne Mayes and Todd Bender. It was Talia’s first ever 100 straight in the .410 and Wayne’s 188th and new Senior Concurrent record.

When the shoot off got down to just Todd and

World HOA Skeet Shoot Off 2008

History was made at this year’s World Championships when two shooters both shot 550X550 perfect scores in the HOA Event. However, the history making part was that after being friends and shooting partners for decades, these two giants of the game (Wayne Mayes and Todd Bender) decided NOT to go head-to-head in a shoot off but to declare themselves HOA Co-Champions in honor of their friendship.