Ohio State Shoot Improvements?

We need to seriously review options to increase participation at our State Shoot.  This can be accomplished by increasing OSSA membership and increasing the benefits received from State Shoot participation.
Increasing OSSA membership
We could increase membership with a contest amongst members clubs, perhaps managed and overseen by our Zone Directors.
We could increase membership by expanding our youth programs, waiving annual fees, and collecting only daily fees from Juniors and Collegiate shooters.
We could consider 1st year free for new members, again collecting only daily fees from them.
We could offer the same Annual Dues Waiver for shooters over 65 years of age.
We could encourage local clubs to institute shooting programs with their local University, 4-H group, or Boy Scouts.
We could offer concurrent event awards for these youth groups at out State Shoot.
We could encourage and recognize the efforts of members who bring in new shooters.
Increasing the benefits received from State Shoot participation
We could invite corporate sponsorship of our events at the State Shoot.  This would bring in additional revenue for the Association to improve awards at the State Shoot and perhaps help fund other programs.
We could expand the added money offerings to bring shooters to the State Shoot.
We could have concurrent competition between Zone Teams.
We could expand our awards program for more concurrent events.