My contributions towards rumor control

There is a movement to establish an Olympic Training Center for the shotgun sports in the Central Ohio area.  The Chairman of the group is Jim Eyster.  The goal is to establish a shooting center for the training of Junior shooters in the International shotgun disciplines.   The group has been chartered by the State of Ohio and is an IRS recognized 501  non-profit organization.  This would be for both Trap and Skeet shooting.
This group has been looking at two sites to construct both Trap bunkers and Skeet fields for International shotgun.  These two locations are the Black Wing Shooting Center [which already has International Skeet capability] and the Cardinal Center.
In talks with the owner of the Cardinal Center, we discovered that development is being managed and coordinated by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.  It appears they wish to build a shooting center for all disciplines, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Archery.  While still in the design stage, they asked me how many skeet fields would be required for a first class facility–with the capability of hosting prestigious tournaments.  They recognize that their ‘bread and butter’ will be the casual shooter, as they cannot host tournaments each week—but they also recognize the importance of tournament shooting as well.
My thought was that 12 fields would meet these goals, but I advised them I would forward their request for advice to the appropriate parties at the O.S.S.A.  I suspect the funding for the skeet portion of this project could prove a challenge.   Also, while we won’t abandon our existing clubs, we must recognize the importance of growing the shooting sports.
Regarding the Hall of Fame—I feel this should reside in Canton.  However, I honestly feel there is merit to a  rotating or traveling display that would be made available to member clubs to showcase portions of the Ohio Hall of Fame collection.  Such a program might encourage more donations from members outside the immediate Canton area.