Lets build our Association and participation at our State Shoot.

Here are some ideas to build participation and bring more shooters to our State Shoot. Perhaps you have some ideas as well?  Lets hear from you!
1-Our State is divided into 4 geographic Zones [NE, NW, SW, SE].  Lets have our Zone Directors organize a shoot for each zone.  There would be 4 Zone Shoots each year.  Perhaps 12 gauge competition only.  The top AA/A/B/C/D/E shooter would represent their Zone at the State Shoot
in competition against the other Zone Shoots.
2-The lifeblood of the sport is a continuing stream of new shooters.  Lets also consider Junior Team for each Zone with the top shooters representing their Zone at the State Shoot.  This would bring 24 Juniors [many newer shooters] to the State Shoot!
3-Lets consider 50 target novelty matches for Vintage skeet low gun [and delayed release ] shooting with vintage equipment.
4-Lets consider a 50 target exhibition match for International Skeet using International Skeet’s target sequence and delayed pull, but with standard speed targets.
5-Lets post shoot scores on the OSSA website.
6-Lets recognize shooting achievements of newer shooters.  1st 25 straights, etc
7-Lets ask every OSSA member to submit three ideas–or to polish previously submitted ideas.
I know you have many thoughts–kindly take a moment to pen a response!
What if we were stuck in an upward growth spiral of only 20% per year!