Jim Murphy

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Jim’s philosophy on skeet instruction is to teach you how to do it right and then teach you how to repeat that over and over again.

A truly dedicated shooter, Jim’s many titles over some twenty+ years of shooting this game have put him head to head with some of the best in the World. Because of this, Jim can modify your instruction to either simply learn how to shoot skeet and do so with some skill or to prepare you for competitive shooting where the mental game is as important as the physical game.

Jim has mentored several of his local club members to the point where both have won prestigious titles at World competitions. Jim is also an avid bird hunter and just got another new puppy (Darcy’s “Primer”) to train. He can teach you a little about hunting birds, too.

Contact Mr. Murphy if your interest in this game is one where you want the best start with a solid understanding of the basics. From there, Jim can teach you whatever you need in order to succeed to the level your skills allow… and possibly beyond.

Jim MurphyWorld Shoot Medalist Zone 3 Champion (many times) State Champion (many times) Club Champion (many times) mentor to 2 other World Title holders


phone: 330.705.6001