Wayne, How do you do it?

Year after year, decade after decade, time and again, Wayne Mayes has been a permanent fixture on the winners podium at National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) registered tournaments throughout the country. Wayne hails from Tennessee and has a smooth natural style that makes the game look easy.

Sitting around waiting between shooting times, Wayne can be seen talking to just about anyone that wants to pull up a chair and talk shooting or one of Wayne’s other favorite topics. He’s also just as likely to sit down next to you at the shoot cook-out and ask how you shot for that day.

Wayne is and will be a legend of the game for a very long time to come and if you can accumulate even a tenth of his awards and honors then you will surely be headed for the NSSA H.O.F. as well.

Because of his consistency in this game, people just want to know from Wayne, “How do you do it?”