Buckeye Vintagers

I shot the Mid-Ohio and was proud of my 99×100 shot with my SxS.   Shot the same gun w/o tubes in the 12 gauge and could only post a 96×100.  Go figure!

The Buckeye Vintagers ran a 50 target vintage skeet event at BlackWing on July 1st.  While this was a non-registered event, it does help promote the sport.  Awards were distributed via Lewis Class and small bore shooters had a handicap added to their scores to level the skeet fields. Re-entry was permitted with a gun change.  Only your best score counted towards awards.

Future shoots are scheduled for 9/2 [another 50 bird Skeet event], a special 16 gauge Trap/Skeet/5-Stand Event is slated for 10/22.  Anyone wishing to be added to our electronic distribution list may reach me .

The State International is scheduled for September 15-17 at the Clinton County Sportsmen in Wilmington.  It would be nice if we could have an 50 bird International fun match at the AMERICAN State Shoot to expose others to this sport.