Author: Bob Snyder


  It’s never the shooter’s fault… If you’re like a lot of shooters, it’s never the shooter’s fault that there is a miss. The gun didn’t fit right, the sun was in their eyes, the shell sounded weak, there was a noise from the other field, someone was seen out of the corner of their


The name of this Association shall be the Ohio State Skeet Association, Inc., the same being a non-profit corporation of the State of Ohio, having been incorporated the 15th day of September, 1937. The period of duration of this Association shall be at the pleasure of the members. ARTICLE II OBJECTIVES The objectives of this

Why Shoot

An equal opportunity sport… The shooting sports are the most democratic of all sports. Men and women can compete head-to-head along with younger shooters and even those with disabilities. The sport requires no great strength and no great speed. Anyone with modestly good eye-hand coordination can easily learn the basics of the game and compete


ARTICLE I Membership SECTION 1. The Association will affiliate with and maintain membership with the National Skeet Shooting Association SECTION 2. The membership of this Association shall be unlimited but restricted to residents of the State of Ohio upon application to the Treasurer of the Association and payment of dues.  Dues of the Association shall

Todd Bender Clinic

From Thursday, March 25, 2010 through Sunday, March 28, 2010 World Champion Todd Bender will be holding a shooting clinic at Fairfield Sportsmen’s Association in Harrison OH. (click for flyer) This clinic is much like the one Todd held immediately following John Haugh’sColorMatrix Open Skeet Championships for 2006 only this one will include a Beer b& Bar-B-Q Event on Friday, March

Shoot Results

2009 NSSA World Skeet Shooting Championships October 3 – 10 San Antonio Texas   MINI-WORLD Referee’s Event Richard Olah C4 94 12 Gauge Event Fred Tschantz AAA4 100 20 Gauge Event John Haugh SR22 100 King Heiple SVCH 93 Sue Huszai LY16 98 28 Gauge Event John Haugh SR19 99 .410 Bore Event King Heiple

Bender Clinic – Shoulders

During a recent Skeet Shooting Clinic held by All-American Todd Bender, a student named Steve learns the importance of keeping his shoulders straight – particularly on Station 5. Todd’s Clinics are World famous and this year’s Clinic afterJohn Haugh’s ColorMatrix Open Skeet Championships had an International flavor as shooters came from several states and countries to attend the worthwhile

Skeet Shooting with Fred Missildine (side 1)

Fred Missildine was a star of the skeet shooting world, one of the first professional skeet shooters, and worked for Winchester for many years. This is a copy of an instructional recording he made around the 1950’s after he had already won 28 different National and World Skeet Shooting Titles. Fred’s suggestions for gun fit,