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World Skeet Shoot-Offs ‘03
In 2003, Becky McCumber won the 12 Gauge Champion title in the Mini-World and Clyde Simmons won the .410 Championships in the World Shoot Offs. Robert Paxton of PAXTON ARMS in Dallas was there and recorded the shoot offs for posterity.
Not only is it special for one of our ladies to win out over all those big strong men, but it’s not at all unusual for someone like Clyde to comer out of nowhere and grab a title from some established and favored names.
In this game, women and lesser known shooters have an equal shot at the titles and can walk away with a great memory and walk right into becoming a part of skeet history.
Give it a try yourself... no matter what age, gender, or physical shape. Skeet is a sport where EVERYONE is on even ground with each other.
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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