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World Skeet Shoot-Offs ‘01
Another of Robert Paxton’s videos from the many many World Skeet Shooting Championships he has attended on behalf of PAXTON ARMS of Dallas Texas. This one is of three of the shoot offs in 2001.
The 20 gauge event’s shoot off shows L.P. Giambrone winning his first ever World Skeet Championship with Craig Lakey and Stuart Fairbank coming in as RunnerUp and 3rd Place.
The titles beginning the section on the 28 gauge shoot off give the wrong winners and should have listed Stuart Fairbank as the Champion and L.P. Giambrone and Ron Hurlbert as the RunnerUp and 3rd Place. Years later many of the videos show Stuart having problems getting off the early stations in the shoot off, so he should honestly be given credit for this win as Champion.
Finally, the HOA shoot off video has Paul Giambrone III outlasting all others for the title of Champion with Paul Newman and Mike Schmidt taking the RunnerUp and 3rd Place spots.
Friday, April 25, 2008
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