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NSSA “Association of the Year” 2007-2008

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Welcome to OSSA...
Joining the Ohio State Skeet Association is your first step toward competing in registered target tournaments as well as the Ohio State Skeet Championships.
Anyone living in Ohio and shooting NSSA registered targets in Ohio MUST be a member of the OSSA.
You must also join the National Skeet Shooting Association which will qualify you to shoot registered competitions in any state, receive a monthly magazine telling you what is going on the skeet world, and eligibility in the World Skeet Shooting Championships in Texas.
To begin...
Copy and fill out the form below and mail along with your check to:
P.O. Box 85
Sparta, OH 43350
Note: You do not need to join OSSA just to shoot practice or leagues at a club.
You can also join at any OSSA affiliated club.
Dick Cross & the “Remington Kids” Ray Tozer and the
 Ruffed Grouse Trophy
OSSA TREASURER: Henry C. Smith, III, P.O. Box 85, Sparta OH 43350