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NSSA “Association of the Year” 2007-2008
Here's an idea we're working on in Ohio to help cut costs, etc.
College rifle teams seldom travel to other colleges to compete because their budgets won't allow it. They do what are called "postal shoots" where the targets are mailed to each other to decide which school won.
We propose something similar in Ohio. The difference is that instead of using snail mail, we plan to use faxes, email, and cell phones to immediately pass the results around to the participating clubs.
Multi-Club Skeet Tournaments join
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No one has to travel. That cuts cost considerably. 

We also plan to start with something simple like a 12 ga (any bore) event on a Sunday afternoon with two flights starting and ending at the same time at each participating club. That cuts down on the time required to shoot the game but still gets targets in and gives you time with the family. We'll use trap boys for referees and charge practice prices for targets. 

In the beginning we want to do it as "honors only" but feel that in the future purses could be collected at each club and then dispersed by the main hosting club all under one certificate number and with one report. 

Suddenly that takes a small 10 guy shoot locally to 40 or 50 guys if you combine 4 or 5 clubs in the deal. That takes care of folks needing targets who might otherwise shoot "monthlies". It also raises the competition from competing with the same guys you practice with to having to take on a whole bunch of other shooters. 

Jim Murphy at Sportsmen's Shooting Center in Canton OH and I are checking on the legality of it all and hope to throw our first shoot like this in late Spring. 

With modern communications the way they are and with cell phones carried by everyone, it seems perfectly reasonable to think that this will work. Score boards can be traded by fax and shoot offs will run concurrently by all clubs with someone not shooting talking on their cell phone to each club giving them a target by target account of how it goes. 

We're fully aware that the devil is in the details but we think that this might actually work and solve several problems at once. If a web site were set up to handle this program and post scores, it might even go zone or national.

UPDATE:  It’s all legal according to NSSA as long as it’s done under one certificate number and one shoot report. The current plan is to host a shoot through Sportsmen’s Shooting Center (host club) on June 29, 2008 and we have been talking to several clubs in OH, PA, AL, and MD to join in. 

A copy of the program is now posted.

After the shoot we received a question as to what we may have learned from our experiment. Here’s a copy of that email:


The August 2008 issue of the Skeet Review will have a story about how our first attempt went when trying to do it in real time. I'm not sure that it's all that important to have it in real time. More importantly is to find a way to handle ties without a shoot off.

According to Louise Terry and Al Magyar, there is nothing that says you can't have co-winners. If they were declared as such and the shoot was successful enough to merit something in a point system, precedent is to split the points among the winners. However, that is still open to change to make it as fair as possible.

Another way to do shoot offs is to start with just a 5 man team event and ask that at least two members of each team be B Class or lower. Then use long runs from front AND back and it would be unusual for there to still be a tie.

The most startling conclusion that I didn't include in my article was that the worst place to administer a multi-club shoot is from a club. All you need is for each club to have a fax machine (under $50 these days) so that they can send standardized forms to a central location listing all of their competitors, addresses, NSSA#, Concurrents, scores, etc.

Then the central location which compiles all the scores can actually be in someone's home or office. Cell phone reception from and to most clubs is poor at best and land lines are better. A home or office can have two lines. One for voice and one for fax to aid in collecting scores and any other information needed.

Calling out from most clubs is limited to local calls with no long distance. To get around that you can either have each club get a calling card for $20 to use to call your fax number or you can get an 800 number from Vonage for fairly cheap that would mean free calls for each of the participating clubs. Using a Vonage 800 number also makes it possible to do this from any place you have high-speed internet access thus making it possible to have only one other phone line in use. The high-speed access also allows the larger clubs to send you their results by internet instead of fax.

After all scores are compiled and ties either figured out or awarded as co-?, the results get faxed back to all clubs and posted on the internet for all to see. You should also make the shoot over an entire weekend so that Saturday Only and Sunday Only clubs can both join in. Then results get listed in time for breakfast on Monday or maybe even by dinner on Sunday night.

BTW: You should be expecting a state fees check from Greenville's participation in our test. In the future we'd change that and require all clubs to pay Ohio fees as if they were shooting here. Makes all the paperwork easier.

This idea could also be used by a new small business that would run your shoot for you over the phones or for shoots that cost each shooter NSSA fees, state fees, plus an extra amount like $3-$5 to join a large national shoot at otherwise practice prices. The extra money pays the guy running the shoot from his bedroom in Alaska or where ever. It also allows small clubs that quit throwing registered because no one wanted to run the shoot to still get in registered targets by letting someone else far away run it for them. Maybe even make it a monthly thing like on the first full weekend or something.

This whole idea has huge potential for going national once the details get worked out.

Let us know how you may do Multi-Club Shoots or what you can suggest to bring this idea to a National success...