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NSSA “Association of the Year” 2007-2008
A shotgun capable of shooting more than one shot.
Shotgun shells to fit your shotgun.
Eye protection.
Ear protection.
Money !!! Minimum:
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the fun
It’s never the shooter’s fault...
If you’re like a lot of shooters, it’s never the shooter’s fault that there is a miss. The gun didn’t fit right, the sun was in their eyes, the shell sounded weak, there was a noise from the other field, someone was seen out of the corner of their eye, it’s too early in the day, etc. etc.
Hopefully on this page, you can get started in the lengthy trip to solving all of those problems by the correct application of the proper equipment from shotguns to eyeglasses and from reloading to increased concentration.
Here’s a link to GunTechTV over at MidwayUSA.com that tells you in detail how to replace a butt pad on a shotgun.
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Dawson Enterprises in Massillon OH Most recent Sale from 
BlackWing Shooting Center in Delaware OH

Click here for a short video of what kind of fun Glenn Ulbrich and Trish Magyar have with just some empty shells. This image comes from a web site where they also explain how to set up a skeet field while using only one trap machine.
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Trap Maintenance
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