Results of the
Ruffed Grouse Trophy Competition
at the
2009 Ohio State Skeet Championships

During the 2009 Ohio State Skeet Shoot the seventh annual Ohio Ruffed Grouse Competition was held. In this fun event, unique to Ohio, the shooters participating in the 12 gauge event are divided between the shooters from Northern Ohio from those from Southern Ohio.

They are then arranged in order of their individual averages from highest to lowest. Then the shooter with the highest average from each "team" are matched against each other and the second against the second highest and so on until one team has no more participants (this year there were seventeen matchups before the North team ran out of shooters). Then their 12 gauge scores are compared. The shooter who's score is highest wins a point for his/her team. The top match was Bruce Poyer from the North vs Dave Starrett from the South. Both scored 100 straights so no point was awarded.

The next matchup was Fred Tschantz vs Bryan Rogers. Fred shot a 98 while Bryan shot a 99 - therefore one point was scored for the South. This procedure continued through all seventeen matchups. The North won six matchups while the South won nine. There were two ties. 

Therefore, the South won the 2009 Ohio Ruffed Grouse Competition. It was the South's third triumph in the seven years of this event. Todd and I enjoyed creating this unique event and presenting it these past seven years.

However, since Todd is no longer involved in skeet shooting, we decided it would be best to ask someone else to take this fun event over. Jim Rogers (North) and his son Bryan (South) have graciously agreed to present it beginning in 2010. Todd and I hope we have achieved some of what we set out to accomplish. That is to encourage more friendship and comradery among all Ohio skeet shooters. 

Thanks to all for your support. Ray Tozer