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Over the years a lot of people have gone through our game and a lot of photos have been taken to remember each one of them. Below is the beginning of a list of the best photos from many of the shoots you may have attended or will attend in the future. Enjoy the images

Where to Shoot

What a friendly sport… It doesn’t matter if you walk into the clubhouse of a small one field club with 20 members or the country club setting of a facility with dozens of fields, you’ll always get a friendly “Hello” and welcomed as a member of the skeet fraternity. You could be shooting with the


  It’s never the shooter’s fault… If you’re like a lot of shooters, it’s never the shooter’s fault that there is a miss. The gun didn’t fit right, the sun was in their eyes, the shell sounded weak, there was a noise from the other field, someone was seen out of the corner of their