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Bender Clinic

During a session of Todd Bender’s Skeet Clinic held at Sportsmen’s Shooting Center in Canton OH, student Dan Moore  of West Virginia learns the proper way to be ready for the target. Todd holds sessions like this many times during the year and recently has been doing his clinics in Canton either before or after John Haugh’s ColorMatrix Open

Skeet Blogs

Starting with Jim Murphy writing something new every Friday and adding more shooter’s blogs to the mix as we go (we now have Hal Hare, too) should help the flow of information get around our big state a lot easier. It can also help let others know about what’s going on in your area of

When to Shoot

When should you get started… There are two parts to skeet involving when do you get started. The first is when do you get involved in the sport to begin with. The answer is simple, anytime you’ve got a free hour or two and a nearby club is open. You don’t need a fancy gun,